In appreciation of Cambodia — yes, the team that just lost 0-14

You may have noticed. Iran played Cambodia on Thursday and it got ugly real fast, real bad. That left me at a curious crossroads — on the one hand, the game made for a feel-good story since it was opened to female spectators; on the other hand, Cambodia's struggles made for too cheap a punchline for many. So here it goes — my awkwardly timed attempt to write Cambodia a feel-good story of their own making...


Still short on firepower, Taiwan’s best generation may come to waste

Let's say I'd ask you to give me one Asian nation that's currently living through the golden years of its entire history, or at least the modern era. A couple of you would waste no time in shouting "Vietnam" in my face. Some would maybe suggest Tajikistan. Thailand or Syria might get a shout, too. And then there's Taiwan. Tell me honestly: Do you ever think about Taiwan?

AFCON 2019: Ranking 20 best U-23 performers (Round 1)

If there’s two things we can safely infer from what kind of articles appear on the internet, and in what numbers, it’s that people absolutely dig any sort of rankings coupled with stuff other people have learnt from stuff. Now, I am arguably not smug enough to assume people would jump at an opportunity to learn what I’ve learnt, but I definitely think I can do my own rankings...